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Mermaid Collection

Mermaid Collection

The Mermaid Collection is all about treasures from the sea, beautiful pearls set with diamonds and other coloured gemstones. A truly magical collection of pearls and gems combined. One of my favourites so far. Im happy its summer now as this collection was put together in November last year and I feel its a really summery collection. 


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Mantra Collection

Mantra Collection

Mantra Collection 

This collection came to me as I was reading books on the power of thought. I wanted to create a collection that had powerful mantras – a selection of meaningful words worn as amulets to strengthen and empower the wearer.

The idea of adding a gemstone to them was about amplifying the energy of the words.




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Coloured Gemstone Ambassador for 'The Women's Jewellery Network"

Coloured Gemstone Ambassador for 'The Women's Jewellery Network

Excited to announce my new role as the ‘Coloured Gemstone Ambassador’ for ‘Women’s Jewellery Network’

What a honour and I cannot wait to start this next chapter with them.

I started my jewellery journey 10 years ago working in the trade, 2 years in India and then back to London to train as a gemmologist.

I created Minka Gems approximately three years ago and my passion is for coloured gemstones and working with top quality pieces.

My 2 years working in Jaipur, India for the world famous ‘The Gem Palace’ was a incredibly inspiring time.

I am now growing my gemstone masterclass side of the business – including guidance on how to value and what to look for when purchasing coloured gemstones.



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Event - Green and Stone Gallery - 27th March 2019

Event - Green and Stone Gallery - 27th March 2019

On 27th March 2019 at Green and Stone Gallery - South Kensington. 

Pop along for a chance to view my new collection - I have just finished a mens wear range. Lots of gorgeous cufflinks... as well as beautiful pendants and earrings and of course the Minka Gems statement rings. 

Oils by Olive is a talented young artist creating vibrant, inspiring works and Elizabeth Shields a classically trained artist who's portraits have a air of Lucian Freud 

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Ruby facts

Ruby – Corundum
Hardness 9

Birthstone for July
40th Wedding anniversary

 Associated with Love and passion and fine quality rubies command the highest price per carat of all coloured gem stones. Considered the king of precious stones.

 Rubies are typically heated to improve colour – unheated rubies are very very rare and typically come from Africa – typically Mozambique. Burmese Rubies are the most highly prized a no heat from Burma this would certainly be worth far more than any other.

Heating to improve colour is very common and accepted. You would typically have a report with the stone to tell you it is no heat if it is a no heat.

 Rough ruby – gem (GIA images)



Fine quality origins: Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Africa: Mozambique, Tanzania, Madagascar

Colour – Fine red Pidgeon blood is considered the finest, then red with purple tones, you also get pink and orange hues. (Chromium causes the red colour)

 Inclusions within Ruby – Fine rutile needles. These help the buyer know a stone is natural.

Eye visible inclusions are acceptable as clean rubies are so rare.







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Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls

 The exotic and mystical qualities of a Tahitian pearl is what drew me to pearls in the first place. They have a beautiful luster to them and seems to glow on the skin of the wearer. I am passionate about Tahitian pearls as they are so unusual and other worldly and there are so many different types.

Where do they come from:

 You would think they come from Tahiti an island in the French Polynesia but in fact they come from just two archipelagos islands off the French Polynesia. Tuamotu Archipelago and Gambier islands. Tahiti itself does not actually produce pearls.



What to look for when searching for a Tahitian pearl:

Colour for me is most important  - I like the greenish golden tones. Black pearls with peacock tones are considered the most valuable.

However Tahitian pearls can come in a variety of colours.

Blue, green, purple, brown and silver.

Also shapes: Perfectly round are hard to find and because of this they hold their value Tahitian pearls are definitely one of the more expensive pearls you an choose. Baroque shapes I really love as you see more colours because of the different angles and light reflections.



 How do you wear them:

 Pearls can be worn in many different ways – they are classical and look beautiful just as a simple row of pearls or set with diamonds to make the most exquisite earrings. I am on a bit of a mission to modernise the pearl – so many people think of them to be old fashioned and what their granny wore. For me the Tahitian pearl is the most modern as its so unusual. You will see I have often used coloured gem stones along side pearls and even just simply setting them in gold.


How to care for them:

Pearls of all kinds need to be looked after. Be careful when putting on your perfume as this really effects your pearls – the chemicals in your perfume will damage and scuff your pearls. Remember they are delicate organic gems and should be worn with care. Avoid hairspray and other toxic chemicals.

However pearls love to be worn they seem to glow more when worn often as they like the natural oils from our skin.

Keep away from harder materials in your jewellery box, ie diamonds and metals. Ideally wrap them in silk or cotton.




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