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  • Tahitian Pearls
  • Post author
    Lucy Crowther

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls

 The exotic and mystical qualities of a Tahitian pearl is what drew me to pearls in the first place. They have a beautiful luster to them and seems to glow on the skin of the wearer. I am passionate about Tahitian pearls as they are so unusual and other worldly and there are so many different types.

Where do they come from:

 You would think they come from Tahiti an island in the French Polynesia but in fact they come from just two archipelagos islands off the French Polynesia. Tuamotu Archipelago and Gambier islands. Tahiti itself does not actually produce pearls.



What to look for when searching for a Tahitian pearl:

Colour for me is most important  - I like the greenish golden tones. Black pearls with peacock tones are considered the most valuable.

However Tahitian pearls can come in a variety of colours.

Blue, green, purple, brown and silver.

Also shapes: Perfectly round are hard to find and because of this they hold their value Tahitian pearls are definitely one of the more expensive pearls you an choose. Baroque shapes I really love as you see more colours because of the different angles and light reflections.



 How do you wear them:

 Pearls can be worn in many different ways – they are classical and look beautiful just as a simple row of pearls or set with diamonds to make the most exquisite earrings. I am on a bit of a mission to modernise the pearl – so many people think of them to be old fashioned and what their granny wore. For me the Tahitian pearl is the most modern as its so unusual. You will see I have often used coloured gem stones along side pearls and even just simply setting them in gold.


How to care for them:

Pearls of all kinds need to be looked after. Be careful when putting on your perfume as this really effects your pearls – the chemicals in your perfume will damage and scuff your pearls. Remember they are delicate organic gems and should be worn with care. Avoid hairspray and other toxic chemicals.

However pearls love to be worn they seem to glow more when worn often as they like the natural oils from our skin.

Keep away from harder materials in your jewellery box, ie diamonds and metals. Ideally wrap them in silk or cotton.




  • Post author
    Lucy Crowther